The Art of Expressing Your Opinion

The main thing you are being graded on in IELTS Writing is the ability to express your opinion.

This means, obviously, that you have to have an opinion to start with.

This is one of the reasons for not copying text and memorizing it, as we’ve previously discussed. The others being that you will likely make a mistake if you do that, and you will show that you don’t have an independent opinion. To achieve the higher grades, this opinion is vital. In a sense, this can be considered the easy part. If you’re taking this test, and you can read this article, then you are already pretty smart. So, of course you can come up with your own opinion.

During the test, for question 2, take a couple of minutes to think about your answer. That might sound like wasted time, but it is not. It is the time to consider and construct your own opinion. Lay out the argument in your native language. This isn’t ‘cheating’. Thinking in a non-native language is a skill you don’t need yet.

Use those minutes to shape an original opinion, and to shape a coherent argument.

If some grammar mistakes happen, these are less important than the argument itself (which is why ‘Grammar’ is one grade, and ‘argument’ (‘Task Achievement’ and ‘Coherence and Cohesion’) is two.

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