Most Common Mistakes 3 Apostrophes and Contractions

“She’s having contractions,” said the vet’s assistant, “It’s why the dog is whining for its puppies.”

The apostrophe is important, so don’t leave it out

She has --- She’s He is --- He’s Is not --- Isn’t

Was not --- Wasn’t Cannot --- Can’t Do not --- Don’t

(The letters n and o are being taken out, so that is where the apostrophe must go)

This, of course, looks like the possessive

The woman’s hat

The tree’s leaves


You never use s’s

The tree’s leaves

are the leaves that belong to the tree

If the leaves come from more than one tree – more than one tree is trees

then you would end up with s’s,

so you drop the second s

The trees’ leaves

are the leaves that belong to many trees

The cat’s home

is the home of one cat

The cats’ home

is the one home of many cats

If a name has an s at the end, and you need to use the possessive, then you do the same thing.


is the person – what if James has a hat?

James’ hat

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